Contest. An award of 500 SEK to the first one who can demonstrate an antibullying method better than SCm for realization of the highest principles of democratic education

A few years ago, during a lecture at a teacher training school about SCm, I maintained that SCm exerts better practical democracy than any other method in dealing with cases of bullying. Because SCm is based on learning-by-doing experience resulting to a satisfaction for both parties in conflict. The official document ”The Swedish school’s foundation of values" stresses democratic principles that include not only that you allow your opponent to express his opinion, it also implies that any clash of opinions must, if possible, be solved by a shared solution. For this reason SCm provides a method designed to implement basic democratic values.

This idea has importance if you think about the present  so called “whole school campaigns against bullying” which, in fact, conjure up enemy images before the staff members have their ”serious talks” with bully suspects. Not to mention the big mistake politicians commit when they propagate ”zero tolerance” as soon as there is just a suspicion of bullying.

Nobody of the students could contradict me. To my astonishment sophisticated political scientist have not done it either. To stimulate debate, I here issue the following challenge:
The first one who can demonstrate a method that is better than SCm at realizing democratic aims in schools will be awarded 500 SEK.

This amount, 500 SEK, would, of course, be paid from my own pocket.

Anyone who wishes to rise to the challenge should phone or write:

Phones +46 18 14 11 72 or +46 18 10 10 85;  e-mail