Anatol Pikas


The core of SCm scrutinized in a dialogue

Phases in SCm illustrated

SCm is a new “paradigm”

How an organisation started SCm (ÜMm) training

For those who need more instructions of SCm: --- A story of the noble art of playing violin

Ritha Mälström´s observations about generalisation of SCm- effects

"How many use SCm?"

What have the apostle Paul’s troubles with ”flesh” to do with treatment of bullying and what in brain physiology corresponds to his definition of ”flesh”?

Contest. An award of 500 SEK to the first one who can demonstrate an antibullying method better than SCm for realization of the highest principles of democratic education

”Enlighten about the good and blame the bad!” – Can you imagine a better guide-line for a whole-school-programme?